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How do You Say “Sister” in Chinese?

How do you say sister in Chinese? In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say “elder sister” and “younger sister” in Mandarin. The following below are the related Chinese words and some examples. Let’s learn them together!

say sister in chinese
say “sister” in Chinese



elder sister



younger sister

For example,

Wǒ de jiějie xǐ huān chuān niú zǎi kù.


My elder sister likes to wear jeans.

Tā de mèimei xiàng dāng cōng ming.


His younger sister is very clever.

Zhè gè jiějie zǒng shì xì nòng tā de mèimei.


This elder sister is always teasing her younger sister.

Zhè shì wǒ de mèimei, suǒ yǐ tā hé wǒ zhǎng dé hěn xiàng.


This is my younger sister, so she resembles me very closely.

If you are lucky to have one elder sister or younger sister, you can try to introduce them to others in Chinese. How do you say “sister” in Chinese? – Have you figured them out?

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