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How Do You Say “Shut Up” in Chinese?

How do you say “shut up” in Chinese? Let’s learn it together.

Chinese words - bizui - shut up in Chinese
Chinese words – bizui – shut up

Actually, there are four ways to express “shut up” in Chinese.

Bì zuǐ!

1. 闭嘴!

Shut up!

Nǐ gěi wǒ bì zuǐ!

2. 你给我闭嘴!

You shut the hell up!

Please pay attention to it: “闭嘴 (Bì zuǐ)Shut up” is an impolite word, if you are angry, you can try this word.

Ān jìng!

3. 安静!

Being quiet!

Nǐ néng ān jìng yī diǎn ma?

4. 你能安静一点吗?

Could you please be quiet!

How do you say “shut up” in Chinese? – This is today’s lesson, do you master it now?

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