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How do You Say “School” in Chinese?

How do you say school in Chinese? The following below is the expression Chinese people use. This lesson is going to teach you basic Chinese words and some practical sentences for daily use. Let’s learn them together!

say “school” in Chinese

xué xiào


The second tone and the fourth tone.

For example,

Wǒ zài yì suǒ xiǎo xué jiāo shū.


I teach in a primary school.

Lǐ Yún zài yì suǒ zhōng xué xué xí.


Li Yun studies in a high school.

Quán xiào shī shēng dōu hěn zūn jìng zhè wèi xiào zhǎng.


The whole school have great esteem for this headmaster.

How do you say “school” in Chinese? – That’s all for this lesson with the “How do You Say” Series! Don’t forget to use it in daily life!

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