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How do You Say “Please” in Chinese?

How should we make a request or ask in one polite way? And how do you say “please” in Chinese? Let’s learn this basic and useful everyday Chinese word and character together.

please in chinese
please in Chinese



The third tone, and it means to ask, request; invite; please. This is a very polite word.

So, do you know how to use this word in Chinese? Here are some examples,

Qǐng gào sù wǒ yī shēng.


Please let me know.

Qǐng bǎ zhàng dān gěi wǒ.


Please show me the bill.

Qǐng bié dǎ rǎo wǒ.


Please leave me alone.

Next time, when you would like to make a request or ask in Chinese, please don’t forget to use the polite Chinese expression. How do you say “Please” in Chinese? Hoping you get the lesson today.

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