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How do You Say “Peace” in Chinese?

How do you say peace in Chinese? The following below are the expressions Chinese people use. This lesson is going to teach you basic Chinese words and some practical sentences for daily use. Let’s learn them together!

say peace in chinese
say “peace” in Chinese


hé píng


Both are the second tones.


ān jìng


The first tone and the fourth tone.

For example,

Zhēn hǎo! Wǒ kěyǐ zài zhè lǐ ān jìng de xiě zuò.


Great! I am able to write in peace here.

Wǒ xǐhuān zhè zhǒng ānjìng de qìfēn.


I like the atmosphere of peace.

Wǒ men dōu kěwàng hé píng.


We all are eager for peace.

Gē zi bèi kàn chéng shì hé píng de xiàng zhēng.


The dove is looked upon as the symbol of peace.

How do you say “peace” in Chinese? – That’s all for this lesson with the “How do You Say” Series! Don’t forget to use it in daily life!

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