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How do You Say “Happy Easter” in Chinese?

How do you say “Happy Easter” in Chinese? The following below is the expression Chinese people use. This lesson is going to teach you basic Chinese words and some practical sentences for daily use. Let’s learn them together!

say happy easter in chinese
say “Happy Easter” in Chinese

Fù huó jié kuài lè!


Happy Easter!

复活节 (Fù huó jié): The fourth tone, the second tone, and the second tone. And “复活节 (Fù huó jié)” means “Easter”.

For example,

Zhè cì de Fù Huó Jié zài zhōu mò.


This Easter comes at the weekend.

Suí zhe Fù Huó Jié de lái lín, dōng tiān jiù yào jié shù le.


With the coming of Easter, winter is going to end.

快乐 (kuài lè): Both are the fourth tones. And “快乐 (kuài lè)” means “happy”.

For example,

Xīn nián kuài lè !


Happy New Year!

Zhù nǐ shēng rì yú kuài.


Happy birthday to you.

Wǒ jīn tiān hěn gāo xìng.


I am very happy today.

How do you say “Happy Easter” in Chinese? – That’s all for this lesson with the “How do You Say” Series! Don’t forget to use it in daily life!

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