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How Do You Say “Happy Birthday” in Chinese?

How do you say “happy birthday” in Chinese to your friends or family members? Let’s learn this lesson, and you will say “happy birthday” to them in Mandarin, and also, you can learn that there is one birthday song to sing for them.

Happy Birthday in Chinese
Happy Birthday in Chinese

How do you say “happy birthday” in Chinese? Here are two expressions in Chinese Mandarin.


Shēng rì kuài lè!


Happy birthday!

生日 (shēng rì): The first and fourth tones, and it means birthday.

快乐 (kuài lè): Both are the fourth tones, and it means happy.


Zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè!


Wish you a happy birthday!

祝 (zhù): The fourth tone, and it means to wish.

你 (nǐ): The third tone, and it means you.

Happy Birthday song in Chinese version:

Zhù nǐ shēng rì kuài lè (x3)


Wish you happy birthday!

Zhù nǐ yǒng yuǎn kuài lè


Wish you happy forever!

You can try to sing the song for your friends or family members on their birthday.

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