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How Do You Say “Good Night” in Chinese?

How do you say “Good night” in Chinese? Let’s learn it together.

Good night in Chinese

Wǎn ān. 


Good night.

When you are going to go to sleep, please don’t forget to say “good night” to the people who surround you.

For examples,

Wǎn ān, zhù nǐ hǎo mèng!


Good night, sweet dreams!

Wǎn ān, shuì gè hǎo jiào!


Good night, sleep tight!

Tā shuō le shēng “wǎn ān”, jiù qù shuì jiào le.


She said, “Goodnight”, and went to bed.

How do you say “Good night” in Chinese? – This is today’s lesson, do you master it now?

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