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How do You Say “Father” in Chinese?

How do you say “father” in Chinese? This lesson is going to teach you these basic Chinese words. Let’s learn the useful and practical Chinese characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

basic chinese words father
basic Chinese words

fù qīn


father (formal)

The fourth tone and first tone.

bà bɑ


daddy (informal)

The fourth tone and neutral tone.

For example,

Wǒ de fù qīn shì yí wèi lǎo shī.


My father is a teacher.

Yǒu qí fù, bì yǒu qí zǐ.


Like father, like son.

Wǒ zhǎo bú dào bà ba le.


I’ve lost my daddy.

Nà gè nán hái jiào tā bà ba.


The boy called him daddy.

That’s all for this lesson. How do you say “father” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now?

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