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Honoring Our Oceans: Celebrating World Ocean Day

Ocean. The vast expanse of crystal blue waters serves as a prism that illuminates its depths. Every ounce of it reflects a flash of blue in the daylight’s amber light. It ripples, waves, and sometimes divides. Its undulating waters move over unmeasured horizons. It is a marvel of unsolicited grandiose.

In addition to its innate beauty, the ocean is one of the most imperative ecosystems in the world. It is the home of millions of species, both discovered and undiscovered. However, it is slowly losing its beauty due to unchecked exploitation. Modernization and industrialization are slowly draining our ocean’s life, taking it for all its worth. If it continues, the deep, with all its marvel, will eventually rise and return the atrocities it incurred from humanity. That’s why, before everything goes haywire, different international institutions are advancing programs for preserving our precious oceans.

world oceans day
world oceans day

One of these is the UN or United Nations. On June 8, 2009, they launched the first World Oceans Day with the theme “Our Oceans, Our Responsibility (们的海洋,我们的责任 Wǒmen dì hǎiyáng, wǒmen de zérèn)“. The launch was successful. The program continued up to this date.  Last year, 2021, commemorates the thirteenth “World Oceans Day (世界海洋 Shìjiè Hǎiyáng Rì)“, with the theme “Protecting Marine Biodiversity and Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature (护海洋生物多样性 自然和谐共生 Bǎohù hǎiyáng shēngwù duōyàng xìng rén yǔ zìrán héxié gòngshēng)“.

Why this topic?

Last June 8 was a monumental moment for “World Oceans Day (世界海洋 Shìjiè Hǎiyáng Rì)” for it is the celebration of the 14th year since the program began.

Up to this day, the program stays true to its mantra. It remains recognized that the ocean encapsulates almost 71% of the earth’s surface. Ocean directly influences all aspects of our lives. Every food, air, and livelihood of people depends on the ocean. The homeostatic balance of the earth hangs upon its feet.

Plus! The ocean is beautiful, rich, quiet, and deep. It possesses a mysterious and unfathomable charm that captivates everyone that gazes upon it. That’s why it is imperative for us to know how to protect the ocean.

If you don’t know to protect the ocean, here are some guidelines created by the United Nations. Let’s learn about how to care for and preserve our precious ocean!

How to Protect Our Oceans

1. Jiǎnshǎo fèi yóu chōng rù xiàshuǐdào, jiāng shèng yóu yòng zhǐ xī qù hòu zài xǐ


Reduce the waste oil flushed into the sewer, absorb the remaining oil with paper and then wash

2. Jiāng pēngtiáo hé chī shèng fàn cài zuò lèsè fēnlèi chǔlǐ


Dispose of cooking and leftovers as garbage

3. Bù jiāng xǐyījī páishuǐ jiē yángtái páishuǐ xìtǒng


Do not connect the washing machine drainage to the balcony drainage system.

4. Chúfáng, xǐyījī shèzhì lèsè dài


Garbage bags in kitchen and washing machine

5. Zēngqiáng jié shuǐ guānniàn


Enhance the concept of water-saving.

6. Bùyòng hán lín xǐyī fěn


Do not use a phosphorus-containing laundry detergent.

7. Bù suíshǒu bà lèsè diūqì dào hǎilǐ huò hǎibiān


Do not throw garbage into the sea or the sea

8. Jiǎnshǎo xǐshù, shǐyòng qīngjié jì děng chǎnshēng de shēnghuó wūshuǐ


Reduce domestic sewage generated by washing, using detergents, etc.

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