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Fun and Exciting Activities in China: A Christmas Day Special

During Christmas time, most parts of the world participate in a wide array of festivities. In some countries, they go to church for nine dusks to commemorate the birth of their lord. Some regions throw  Christmas parties to share a copious meal and exchange gifts. In other places, kids go house to house for caroling in hopes that Santa will give them a gift. It’s the most sublime time of the year for them; also the busiest. However, in some areas, they don’t have Christmas holidays. One of these places is China. Chinese people don’t have a holiday for Christmas Day. However, they still do have fun and exciting customs during Christmas.

There is no official public holiday for Christmas in China. Despite that, there are enthralling practices Chinese people do during Christmas day 圣诞节 (Shèngdàn jié).

  1. 1. “Christmas village” in China

In the northernmost city of Mohe, China, they boast a rather intriguing tourist destination: A Christmas Village. The Beiji Village is the first-ever Christmas-themed park in China. The place offers many exciting activities to tourists and local visitors. Tourists can go on an adventure to explore the vast expanse of Santa’s world. They can experience how it feels to drive a sled in white sleet of snow. They can also visit Santa’s house and look within his post office, where he creates gifts (礼物lǐ wù). Tourists can also take a picture with Santa to commemorate the experience. The place is truly magical, taking tourists into another realm, into an adventure to a fairy tale world. 

Not only is this place a magical realm to a fairy tale world, but it is also home to a compelling feature. For it is only in this area in all of China can people observe the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis). 

The Christmas village of Mohe, China, is a holiday-themed work of art. It is a unique Chinese adaptation of the western festival. A master expression of Chinese Arctic resourcefulness with Christmas Day 圣诞节 (Shèngdàn jié). The place continues to live up to its name. After all, in that place, Christmas doesn’t occur once. In Beiji Village, Christmas lasts forever. 

  • 2. Saxophone Santa Claus

The Chinese version of Santa is not merely a replica of the original one. They introduced a rather intriguing element to the iconic symbol of Christmas. In China, Santa Claus plays the saxophone. If one stride across the streets of China, they will see a version of Santa holding a saxophone, sometimes a french trumpet. This version is unique only to China. No other foreign adaptation offers something similar to this. The adaptation becomes the center of attention amongst westerners and Chinese people. Not only because it confuses them but also because such a version is found only in China.

With all that’s said, no one knows where the acclimation originated. However, one theory posits that Saxophone Santa is an expression of romance. It is a depiction of Santa that plays charming music with a charming instrument. That is why a Chinese Netizen joked that it is better to make Santa play an Erhu (a traditional Chinese music instrument). Chinese people are inherently creative. That’s why they are also fond of changing Santa’s image. They depict Santa whimsically, like making Santa hold a book and wear Chinese traditional clothes.

  • 3. There is a battle over Christmas in China

There’s a pressure that deems deterring people in China from celebrating Christmas. However, the Chinese youth don’t care about the core of Christmas Day圣诞节 (Shèngdàn jié). They merely love it as one more excuse to relax and have fun with friends.

With the uniqueness of the Chinese Christmas tradition already explained, let us now explore the knowledge point of Christmas day. Knowledge points are imperative to master the topic more in-depth.

There are some useful Chinese sentences you may use in your Chinese conversation.

圣诞节 (Shèngdàn jié) Christmas Day

Shāngdiàn zài shèngdàn jié qián fēi cháng yōng jǐ

  1. 1. 商店在圣诞节前非常拥挤。

Shops are very overcrowded before Christmas.

Shèng dàn jié shì gè kuài lè de rì zǐ, yóu qí shì duì hái zǐ men

  • 2. 圣诞节是个快乐的日子,尤其是对孩子们。

Christmas is a time of mirth, especially for children.

Nǐ yǒu guò shèng dàn jiē de xí sú ma

  • 3. 你有过圣诞节的习俗吗?

Do you observe Christmas?

“Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever.” — Richelle E. Goodrich 

That certainly is the case with Christmas in China. Chinese people have a unique way of celebrating Christmas. It is indeed enthralling and exciting to celebrate the holidays in the way Chinese people do it.

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