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Looking at Iron Man 3 Mandarin from a Different Perspective

The Iron Man 3 Mandarin, the so-called finale, didn’t take the dark route. Even though the audience shouted and was deceived by the previews. People were a little dumbfounded about the settings of Manchu adults. At the same time, the movie is more interesting and entertaining than the first two films. The reason is that perhaps Downey’s playful character really can’t suppress the atmosphere of the movie. Actually, we didn’t expect Tony to be serious at all.

Iron Man
Iron Man

1. About Tony in Iran Man 3 Mandarin

Explicitly, Iron man’s biggest antagonist in this movie is the terrorist that deems to monopolize Iron man’s weaponry. However, the hero’s biggest trouble comes from his own struggles. He is his biggest enemy. Iron Man experienced a pain he never experienced before. He lost his house, lover, and even his reputation. Nonetheless, he still deeply reflected on the advantages and disadvantages of this heroism. With the arrest of his lover and president and his post-war depression, Tony is facing a far greater crisis than before.

At the same time, Tony finally began to consider the relationship between him and Iron Man. He was torn if he was Iron man or merely a guy in a suit. This existential crisis made him miserable. While struggling in his heart, he also reflected on what he had done. He committed lots of atrocities in the name of being “right”. However, he understood too well that Being reasonable does not mean being legally correct. He must find a balance between himself and Iron Man. Although it is different from Wayne’s saying that “everyone can be Batman”, Tony didn’t have the mischief of the first two films, and he began to take his position seriously.

2. Iron Man is Different from Batman.

Because of the “Night Banquet Song”, he can’t act at night like Batman. The bigger drawback is that Iron Man’s identity is exposed. Therefore, his company and his lover have been exposed. Being exposed means they can be targets of Iron Man’s enemies. This is also his limitation relative to Batman. Tony Stark is inherently similar to Bruce Wayne. They both came from prominent families. They both have the gift of knowledge. Lastly, they are both vigilantes fighting evil for the greater good. They also have similar personalities. In life, he has a charming demeanor, and he is left and right.

At work, the country is in trouble, and every man is responsible. Their behavior was appreciated by citizens, but not recognized by the system. Therefore, Batman must save all living beings under the nuclear threat, and Iron Man must ride alone to protect the president, which not only completely rehabilitates them, but also improve the political basis and inevitability for their existence.

3. Iron Man 3 Mandarin is One Wonderful Story.

The movie Iron Man 3 keeps a high level of entertainment, but it also brings us wonderful stories. Except for the extra three minutes, the 133-minute “full version” is almost perfect. The film not only tells the relationship between Tony and Iron Man but also finally presents us with the sincere love between him and Pepper. The relationship with Pepper was totally unpredictable. After all, she was merely a special character that was initially a PA for Iron man. Now, she is his girlfriend and the company boss, she is more like Lord Alfred who is with Batman. She is not only Tony’s emotional pillar but also a spiritual pillar. Pepper also lived up to expectations. After playing two episodes of soy sauce, she finally started to counterattack at the finale, and their emotional drama also touched the hearts of the audience everywhere.

4. Iron Man 3 Mandarin is One Great Script.

Finally, I would like to thank the writers in Hollywood for giving us a wonderful script. Iron man 3 was the epitome of good writing.  As far as plot and story are concerned, I think this is indeed the best one in Marvel’s hero series. Although Paramount painstakingly made everyone in The Avengers an independent story, so far, Captain America’s story doesn’t hold a candle to Iron man 3. While Captain America was basically a boring World War II film, Iron man 3 is a genius film. Raytheon repented after staying on earth for two days, and Hulk just practiced yoga. In the first two films of Iron Man, the first one has been upgraded, and I really feel cheated after watching the second one.

“Iron Man 3” is more complicated than the previous two plots, but it is easy to handle and has a good rhythm. Even with the Flashback several times, the writers still managed to fill all the plot holes.  Iron man 3 was awesome. It’s not boring and confusing.  Even with the timeline jumps Iron Man 3 is still a little exciting.

It’s worth seeing. I like this long story, and I hope I can see you later.

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