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How to Choose One Learn Chinese Book

Language is an art. How to learn Chinese well is a common concern of many parents and learners. Today, I shall share the three imperative aspects to focus on to learn Chinese well. I attained this knowledge After several years of overseas Chinese teaching practice. I think, the three aspects we should focus on are cultivating learning interest, mastering learning methods, and paying attention to accumulation and application. So when we choose one learn Chinese book, we should also take these three aspects as the starting point.

Let’s first talk about how to choose a learn Mandarin book.

Close to Life and Stimulate Interest

Recently, volunteers of Chinese teachers teaching in Thailand discovered a textbook called Everyday Chinese. The book focuses on the pronunciation, grammar, and cultural differences between China and Thailand for Thai Chinese learners. She bought a copy, studied it carefully, and used it to help herself adjust the key content of the class when preparing lessons. Sure enough, it has achieved good results. “Many examples in the book are closely related to the daily life of Thais.” Some teachers said, “By teaching with practical applications, students can get a real sense of integration. It allows them to master it faster for it has a place in their daily lives. This motivation makes them more interested in learning.”

chinese grammar
Chinese grammar

Conform to Actual Local Conditions

In the Chinese teaching points of primary and secondary schools under overseas Confucius Institutes, volunteer teachers often creatively adapt some textbooks in preparing lessons. Especially in overseas Chinese teaching, the existing textbooks may not conform to the local reality. Teachers must handle them flexibly, such as the sentence patterns like ‘I’m going somewhere’’ I didn’t follow the sentence’ and ‘I’m going to the Summer Palace’. These sentences do not have a good bearing in real life. That is why changes are imperative. In local teaching scenarios, Chinese classes are syllabus-based. There are no textbooks for such students. Chinese teachers’ volunteers often have to” reprocess” the contents of the textbook.

Adapting to the Technological Trend

At this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, Hanban hosted a series of thematic exhibitions of creative Chinese teaching products “Chinese is really fun”, displaying more than ten creative Chinese learning experience products.  Among them, a product named “Easy Chinese” has attracted the attention of many professionals. Many users reported that it contains an innovative approach to learning Chinese. One notable factor is the augmented reality technology to scan books and speech recognition technology to assist pronunciation. Learners can interact with each other by touching, and getting familiar with the knowledge points word by word. In addition, there are various Chinese learning systems and software applied to terminals. Conforming to the emerging trend, Chinese teaching products combined with intelligent technology came into being.

How should we teach and learn when we get the learn Chinese book?

First, cultivate an interest in learning.

Being interested in learning is the foundation of excellence. This is especially true when learning Chinese. As long as you have an interest in learning, you will find pleasure in it. If you find pleasure in learning, it will help you to study with perseverance. Therefore, teachers should fully mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm for learning.

Second, master the learning methods.

Learning Chinese should be a ” combination of four aspects”. Four aspects are listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are Two combinations to make. These are “combination of reading and writing” and “combination of listening and speaking”.

(A) combination of reading and writing.

Reading is the most basic and indispensable learning means in any kind of language and culture learning. Reading is an effective way to improve reading comprehension. It is not only reading what you have learned but also thinking and memorizing. Writing, on the basis of reading, constitutes the mastery of the writing rules of Chinese characters. It should also inculcate the neat and normative writing of the characters. Not only can you copy, but You should also be able to do some dictation and dictation.

(B) Combination of listening and speaking.

Speaking is based on listening. As long as you speak well, you will naturally understand. Language learning is everywhere. In class, students are required to concentrate and pay attention to every word of the teacher. It also reinforces to pay more attention to every question raised by the teacher, actively answer, and do the necessary conversation exercises to make their brains “move”. Let your mouth “speak”.

Third, pay attention to accumulation and application.

Learning Chinese is a long accumulation process, it is not an overnight event. It is a learning process that needs a long time of accumulation. Every bit of information is stored and processed. Drops of water converge into great rivers, and gravel piles into islands. In the daily learning process, besides listening carefully in class, we should also carefully complete the relevant homework and carry out the necessary exercises and reviews, so that we can gradually digest and understand. Become your own.

In today’s situation, it is necessary to combine Chinese teaching with emerging scientific and technological means but be careful not to usurp the host’s role. The leading role of teaching Chinese as a foreign language is traditional textbooks. Indeed, this kind of Chinese teaching product is mainly interested, but only an auxiliary means. To really learn Chinese well, foreign Chinese learners should still choose a suitable learn Chinese book.

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