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Answer to HSK 1 Quiz to Learn Helpful Chinese Words


  1. 1. D
  2. 2. A
  3. 3. C
  4. 4. B


A 呢 (ne)

The Interrogative Particle 呢 (ne) is used after a noun or pronoun, forming a question about the situation mentioned previously. The commonly used sentence pattern is “A……。B呢 (ne)?”

B 了 (le)

了 (le) is used at the end of a sentence to indicate a change or the occurrence of a new situation.

C  吗 (ma)

The particle “吗 (ma)” indicates an interrogative mood. When “吗 (ma)” is added at the end of a declarative sentence, the declarative sentence turns into a question.

D 哪 (nǎ)

When the interrogative pronoun “哪 (nǎ)” is used in a question, the structure is “哪 (nǎ) + measure word/ noun + noun”.

Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén


Which country are you from?

Wǒ shì zhè suǒ xué xiào de xué sheng. Nǐ ne


I am a student in this school. How about you?

Zhè shì nǐ tóng xué ma


Is this your classmate?

Tā shì wǒ dì di, tā jīn nián suì le


 He is my brother, he is 5 years old this year.

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