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Answer to a Useful Test for the New HSK Level 1


  1. 1. B
  2. 2. A
  3. 3. C


A 呢 (ne)

The Interrogative Particle 呢 (ne) is used after a noun or pronoun, forming a question about the situation mentioned previously. The commonly used sentence pattern is “A…… B呢 (ne)?”

B 哪 (nǎ)

When the interrogative pronoun “哪 (nǎ)” is used in a question, the structure is “哪 (nǎ) + measure word/ noun + noun”.

C  吗 (ma)

The particle “吗 (ma)” indicates an interrogative mood. When “吗 (ma)” is added at the end of a declarative sentence, the declarative sentence turns into a question.

Nǐ dào nǎ ér qù

  1. 1. 你到哪儿去?

Where are you going?

Wǒ qù chī zǎo cān. nǐ ne

2. 我去吃早餐。你呢?

I am going to have breakfast. And you?

Nǐ zuì jìn dōu hǎo ma

3. 你最近都好吗?

How are you doing?

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